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2 helpful tactics if you are unemployed

If you are hunting for a new job, you probably already know that the work involved in doing this can take over your entire life. You can spend hours online researching companies and developing new contacts. It can take a half a day for 1 interview. And getting the paperwork you need ready for each meeting can also consume many hours.

If you have been searching for several weeks, you already know how draining all this can be. Finding balance in your life and maintaining your motivation can be very difficult. Here are 2 things you can do to help keep yourself on track:

1. Every day do something you can do well or easily. I call these mastery tasks. These can be routine tasks like food shopping, banking, cleaning or mowing the lawn. Doing this as a break from your job hunting will help recharge you and give you a feeling that you can do some things well.

2. Every day do something that brings you pleasure. Taking time to read something inspiring, going for a walk, exercising, and eating a favorite food can also help recharge your energy and give you a break from your work. You may feel guilty about doing this, but I recommend doing it no matter how guilty you feel. All work and no play is not healthy.

I don’t think anyone is really cut out for the work that job hunting requires. So make sure you take care of yourself and maintain a good balance of work and relaxation throughout your search. This will help you be at your best when you meet potential employers.


Know when the day is over

We live in a fast-paced world. Many of us work long hours and are always on the go. Technology has made it possible to blur the line between our work life and our personal life, and this is both good and bad. Being productive is great; enjoying some down time and recreation is equally important. Working all the time isn’t healthy and is often not as productive as we imagine. Recreation and hobbies have their place. Burnout is real and more common than we may think.

I believe we need to know when the workday is over. We need to recognize when it’s time to set aside work and focus on another part of our life. If you supervise others, it’s important to know when it’s time to let your team members wind down or go home and focus on taking care of the rest of their lives so that they can come back to work ready to focus on your priorities. They will appreciate this, and will likely be more productive since they know that there is a time for work and a time for their personal lives and recreation – and that you understand this distinction.

And they’ll spend less of their time at work worrying about or actually taking care of their own personal business (instead of working), since they know they’ll have a chance to get to these things.

Respect your own and other’s need for knowing when the workday is over, and when it’s time to focus on the things we all need to do to be ready for tomorrow.

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