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It can be dangerous to ignore changes in your environment

I recently heard a manager tell his team that despite the difficulties that the team was facing, life was what they made it. And while I’m all for positive thinking, sometimes this way of thinking can blind us to the reality of our situation.

Some situations are not worth tolerating. Some environments are toxic. Some people are poisonous. Some jobs are undoable.

No amount of positive thinking is going to improve these kinds of situations or relationships. These require action in addition to optimistic thinking. And it’s important to know if you need to change, or if you would be more successful in a different environment.

How can you tell if it’s you who have the problem or if your problems are the result of an unhealthy environment? Here are a few of the signs I use:

1. Are you the only one who feels that the situation or environment is unhealthy? Do other people in similar situations – team members or friends – feel the same? If you are the only one who feels uncomfortable it’s very likely that you have a problem.

2. Are you getting the support you need to be successful, or are you expected to accomplish your goals with little or no outside support? In other words, have you been abandoned.

3. Is the situation just as stressful now as it was 6 or 12 months ago? If things aren’t improving despite your best efforts, it’s most likely the environment.

4. Are your efforts never good enough? No matter how hard you try to meet expectations, you always come up short? It could be that you are expected to fail.

These a just a few signs that the environment may be the issue. It doesn’t mean you are off the hook and don’t need to change. But it may mean that you will be better off looking for a new environment where you will have the opportunity to be succesful without living in constant stress, and with little hope of feeling any pride in what you achieve.

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