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Easy is usually not the best way

We like easy. Easy is, well, easy. But easy is also a trap.

If we always take the easy way, we will not be challenged (read uncomfortable), and we won’t grow much. If you like the way you are now and don’t really want to grow, go ahead, take the easy way. But if you want to improve yourself and your life, and help the people around you,¬†watch out for easy.

I’m not saying to avoid the easy way at all costs. I’m saying don’t make it your default setting.

Easy often sneaks into our lives in disguise.

It’s easier to procrastinate than start something you really don’t want to do.

It’s easier to swallow your feelings than to confront a bullying manager and try to improve the situation.

It’s easier to stick to your routine rather than try something new.

In other words, it’s easier to remain who you are right now. So just how happy are your with your current life/career/circumstances? More importantly, how much are you giving to the people around you? Are you helping them become better or merely aiding them in avoiding change?

Beware of easy. It’s very easy to put off doing the hard work of changing and growing. Everything of value in life must be earned, and this requires work. There is no magic. If you want something you must do the work to deserve it. This isn’t easy.

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