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“Winging it” rarely leads to success

Many people would like to believe that they don’t need to make plans for how they will succeed in life. They simply take events as they come and make the most of them.

While this may work for some people, I doubt you will find many high-performing people leaving much to chance. They know what they want and they deliberately plan for how to reach their goals. They also know that with a plan in place they can handle the unexpected things that always happen along the way. And the unexpected always happens.

As a case example, I think we all admire the Navy Seal Team that captured Osama Bin Laden. It’s exciting to imagine the soldiers secretly flying into Pakistan and dropping out of the sky in their surprise attack. And even their plans did not go perfectly. Despite the flaws, the mission succeeded.

What we don’t see is the work behind this success: the thousands of hours of planning and drilling. the raids that were carefully planned and then abandoned at the last minute due to outside events, and the emotional toll of waiting for OK to start the mission. We don’t see that the Seals’ success here had a very high price – we see only the glamorous results.

Our lives work the same way. Success always has a price, and it must always be earned. Our lives and the experience of the successful people we know will confirm this.

This confirms our first rule of success: success in any area requires discipline, and this means taking the time to think through what we want and then making a plan for how to get to our goal. Understand the time commitment required and invest in planning for success! Don’t leave success to chance.

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