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Beware the “Can Do” attitude

While I am all for enthusiasm and drive, I’m suspicious of people who are too “gung-ho.” I’ve seen too many situations where someone was too quick to take action to solve a problem, and their actions actually made the situation worse.

A recent example was a situation I observed where a customer service agent was so intent on helpingĀ a customer that she never actually listened to what the customer was saying. Her solution not only failed to satisfy the customer, it also upset them, since what the customer really wanted in this case was to have someone listen to their complaint and assist them in choosing the best option for resolving it. Instead the customer was left feeling run over by the agent’s good will and drive.

I think that this attitude is often driven by our desire to solve problems as quickly as possible, because we can’t stand the discomfort that an unresolved problem causes us to feel. In addition, if we don’t take the time to properly assess a situation, we are unlikely to come up with sound solutions. Good problem-solving requires time and planning, and experienced people know this and make time for it.

Ask yourself how you would react to the following situation:

You have been given a task that needs to be completed in 30 minutes. How many minutes would you use to plan how you are going to solve the problem, and how many will you use to actually do the work involved?

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