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Never be in a hurry to lose

No one likes losing. So why rush into situations where you may lose?

You say you don’t do this? I’ll bet you do.

Do you ever let your emotions – especially anger or pride – get the best of you?

Do you try to win arguments when in fact there is very little at stake?

Do you take a “stand” on issues and only back down when someone with more authority tells you to back off?

Do you become obsessed with reaching a specific goal in a hurry – and ignore other, more important tasks?

Do you like to tell people why their ideas won’t work?

When you do these things, you are setting yourself up to lose. You are daring people to find a way to kick your feet out from under you. And many will take you up on this dare.

So what can you do to prevent this? Here’s one trick I use:

When you are in situations where your emotions are getting away from you, ask yourself if what you are trying to accomplish will matter in 5 years. If it will make a difference, but all means go for it. But in my own experience there are exceptionally few instances where this is the case. We may like to think this is the case, but emotions distort our perspective. And when we are temporarily blinded by emotional stress, we can get stupid very quickly.

So give the situation 24 hours and see if you still feel as strongly about it. I’m willing to bet that your decisions after 24 hours will be much clearer.

It never pays to be in a hurry to lose. As one author said, “Hurry is not from the devil. Hurry is the devil.”


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